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Asrock motherboard doesn't recognize bootloader


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Please help needed!


If i put the iso file or the img file on the usb using rufus and win32DiskImager, the Asrock D1800M motherboard says that there is no operating system found on the usb. If I put Windows on the usb, the computer installs windows which works perfectly. He just won't load XPenoboot and I love to use Synology DSM so much. Has this something to with incompatibility due to XPenoboot or Asrock?


Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I have tried all the different USB-ports, they all say that the USB is there but that there isn't any operating system on them.

My motherboard dosn't use a VIA chip, it uses the Intel Bay Trail-D chipset.

The flash drive is 4gb, so plenty of room, right?

But how do I turn off uefi in the bios? Is it possible to update the firmware because the software is not that great.


Thanks in advance

Special thanks to sbv3000, AllGamer and bglf83 !

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