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Vulnerability. What should current xpen users do?

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Anything exposed to the Internet will be at some risk. With my setup, I have:

- default admin disabled

- long passwords for user accounts I have created

- 2FA

- permanent ip blocking if 2 incorrect attempts within an hour and I review before unblocking

- ssl using letsencrypt

- custom ports for https and http not available externally 

- custom ssh port although this isn’t allowed through the firewall anyway

- firewall on the Synology and router

- specific ports only allowed to Synology

- access to Synology from within the UK and no access from anywhere else


I also review my logs and have it set up to alert me to any new logins from new devices/locations. 

Some of the above might be overkill but feel that it will help in securing the Synology even if/when this vuln is patched. If anyone has any other recommendations, I’m all ears!

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