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New NAS setup


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Hi All

I'm strictly a newbie here and I've never setup my own NAS before. Up to now I have relied on Synology servers and external hard drives for my storage needs but I decided I need to rationalize everything. (currently 2 x DS211js, 1 x DS115j, 2 external HDDs and 7 replaceable HDDS = messy!)

To that end I have bought an HP Microserver Gen 8 and 2 x Seagate 5GB HDDs to go with the 2 x 4GB Seagates I already have. I also have a new 123gb SSD and various microSD and USBs for bootinng and OS

However I'm not sure about the best way to set everything up.

I need the NAS setup so that I can use it as

1) a fileserver locally

2) a cloud server for about 50GB of data

3) a mysql server (both local and external)


I might use the DS115j for the external stuff


I intend to use the HDDs in two mirrored pairs (ie 2 x 5TB and 2 x 4TB).


As I'm used to using Synology, it seems only logical that I use XPEnology for my new NAS.

I need your advice on the best way to set everything up bearing in mind that although I did I.T. helpdesk for 15 years I've had only a little exposure to Linux.




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