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Sources of open-vm-tools package?


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I am currious if somone has a copy of the sources of the SynoCommunity package open-vm-tools made by Sancome?


The last publicly available build of SynoCommunity/open-vm-tools is 9.10.0-2476743-1.

The latest source code of open-vm-tools is 10.0.5-3227872.


It seems like Sancome's open-vm-tools never went into the stable branch of the SyncoCommunity "spksrc" sources.

I searched github and took a look at all spksrc forks and it's branches. The sources of Sancome's SynoCommunity/open-vm-tools

are not available.


I would love to see a new build based on the latest official sources.


Can someone share the sources or create an updated SPK?

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