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Hi everybody ! i have a problem with install on my old server HP dl380 g6


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Hi, tanks a lot for the support! i have this problem now, when i try to install my xpenology on my server, i found my server, but the system cant found hdd!

my server have (sas hdd) inside, somebady can help me ? i tryed with synoboot_3615, with one versione before, and i cant found the hdd, but with this version (XPEnology_DSM_6.1.x-quicknick-3.0) i can see the server and hdd, but when i try to install PAT file, go back and give me back error. how i can resolve ? Thanks a lot.

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dsm only supports non raid controller in HBA mode or IT mode

there seemed always to be some problems with the hpsa driver too

maybe try this to switch the controller in hba mode


or use a more common/supported hba like sas2008 based cards (lots of oem cards for cheap, need to be flashed into IT mode, not IR mode)

on normal systems a sata/ahci controller would be suggested but as you want/need to use your sas backplane ...

the generic one is LSI 9211-8i


if the hp controller is in raid mode you could define every single disk as a raid0, but that would make it hard to distinguish between disks when one fails


or you use a hypervisor like esxi or proxmox, that way you can use the controller the normal raid way and have the storage virtual to dsm


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