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problem with creating volume


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I usually choose manual, and skip the wizard.


an alternative method to volume, select the option to create Disk Group instead, then create a group with those two HDD

after the disk group is created, make a Volume inside the Disk Group

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That is very very strange, never seen that kind of error before.


Which version of DSM are you running?

Also which Boot are you suing? NanoBoot x86 / x64? XPEnology?

and which .PAT file and build number did you use to install DSM?


I've installed nano and XPE many times in many different hardware, never seen than weird error before.


just a hunch, but maybe try using English during installation, it might just a language bug causing that error.


I will also recommend to use another machine run Gparted to wipe all the partition information from the 2 HDDs you are using during the install, so you can start fresh.



Yesterday, I was building another XPEnology machine, and had a similar issue, but the problem went away after i wiped clean the partition information from the HDDs (it was caused by a failed .PAT install)

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