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Volume not found after disk replacement


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Hi all,

I had to exchange my disk in my single disk setup.

I have moved over the partion (I saw only 1) to the new disk.

But after reboot the volume is not recognised and the status in the Synology Assistant is "not installed".


What did I miss to do?

Is there ID of the disk or a UUID of the partion to be updated somewhere?

I did not find a /etc/fstab? Where is the disk layout stored?


Thanks for your help.

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As far as I know, the synology DSM creates more than one partition on the each disk. I don't remember exactly how many, but I remember having one or two 2GB partitions volume partitions on my disks when I connected them to my windows machine.

If you had a single disk setup, I would recommand you connect the "new" disk first, then use DSM to initialize the disk and create a volume on it. You can move the data from volume 1 to 2. Don't forget to point the applications also to volume 2, like home folders for instance. You can then disconnect the old disk and you diskstation will boot normally. 



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