Folder sharing and https protocol for down... station chrome

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After a few weeks running my xpenology, I'd like to know how to configure two things I'm not able to configure.

-I've created a new user on my server, and I want that user to copy and paste folders on a Windows Computer on my server. I don't know how to create a net unit using a VPN I've created to access as if I were at the local LAN, because I get access to the folders in Windows computers at home, but I can't get to the NAS using folders when I'm using the VPN to my NAS. How can I do this?

-The second problem I have is that once I established the https protocol on DSM, the chrome download station can't be connected. I don't know the reason. If I change it again to the http it works. I use both ports, 5000 and 5001 using the vpn.


I don't kwon if something I'm explaining is not possible to be done or it's possible. I'm here to learn from you.


Thank you very much.

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There are several things mixed here....


Copy and paste to and from Windows machine to Synology shares, if you can do it locally, you should be able to do it remotely as well.


Since you mentioned VPN, which VPN are you using? and which Server is providing the VPN service?

Did you configure the VPN client settings properly to get DNS and Gateway from the server?


You can always try to use the IP address of the Synology server to access the files, if the DNS is not working.


for HTTPS to work, make sure port 443 is not taken over by another service from your rotuer / firewall / or Synology itself, or in some cases by your Security Cameras (that happened to me)

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Everything has been solved, but the only thing I can't do, is to connect using the https for the download station chrome extension when I'm connected throuhg th VPN (OpenVPN), I can do it using the http, so I'm going to do it in that way. Thank you very much.

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