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ESXi VM Xpenology resize disk


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I have build a VM with the latest Xpenology inside.

Disk 1 has the xpenology

Disk 2 has the apps


Now disk 2 is full.


I know it's possible to resize a disk in VMware and that is not the issue.

But how can i resize the disk in Xpenology?


With regards

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I'm not sure its possible to expand a volume in DSM on the same disk, generally when you initialise a disk it creates the partitions it needs and sets the data volume to the 'full size' of the disk. But you should be able to add another disk to the VM and add that to expand the overall data volume size, see here


https://www.synology.com/en-global/know ... d_add_disk


Before you 'play' I would copy your VM as a backup though :smile:

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I've done physical disk resize in a real Synology box before, and was from way back with DSM 3.x


so, it's definitely possible to Extend the size of the existing HDD to use the remaining available space, as mentioned by sbv3000


Assuming it's a RAID1 setup


then change one of your 2 disk in volume 1 to a larger HDD / virtual HDD

then boot back up the machine, let the mirror complete the "repair" process, so it clones both to be the same.

then shutdown the machine / VM again and swap the remaining small HDD for a larger HDD / virtual HDD

after you restart it will do the "repair" again to sync both HDD to be the same

after it finishes, you'll get the option to Extend the volume size to use the remaining new found space. :smile:

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