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Hard drive recommendations?


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hey guys, I'm building 2 xpenology servers currently. I'm at the hard drive stage, and I'm torn on what to do.


I'd like to do 4tb or above, but only can spare a few hundred dollars.


I'm considering this seagate right now (i know seagate has a bad reputation lately, but i was thinking I'd run 2 parity drives to help account for that):


http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B99JU4S it is 4tb for $111, with free shipping. So I can do 4 of these for $444


The WD RED 4tb version is $150 for comparison :sad: 4 of these would be $600.


These 4tb drives are even cheaper per gigabyte than the 3tb drives.


Thanks guys!

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The seagate drive you linked to is a desktop spec, but the WD red is NAS spec, so a better price/spec comparison might be with the WD blue or the red to a seagate enterprise drive and see how that cost works out.

my 'personal favourite' are the toshibas, these normally have a 2 year warranty and are 7200 rpm. you could probably run shr1 reliably with these, so either get more capacity (4*4tb shr1~ 11tb) or cheaper 4*3tb shr1 ~ 8tb for the same capacity as 4*4tb shr2

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