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System tries to resize to 16000 PB


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Hi everybody

my system running on XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 was showing yesterday a problem with the filesystem in Diskstation Manager. I started the automatical fix and the system rebooted and checked the filesystem. After logging in into DS manager later in the evening it showed me that I have now 16000 "PB" running out of space and a high load an the CPU. There were several Resize2fs processes running which tried to increase the size of the volume which is actually on 4 TB on SHR with 3 x 2TB HDDs. In the File Station everything looked fine, all files are still there but when I tried to check my volume I saw nothing, no disks, no volume.

I checked already the internet for this problem but no information at all.

Any help to fix the problem is welcome.



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