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Volume seems to not be the right size - without any error.


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I just run into a problem with my DSM 5.2-5644 running on a HP Proliant N54-L.


When i have just rebooted the NAS, there isn't any problem. But soon after, the main volume become unavailable and the storage manager display a very small size for the volume, without any warning on any drive of the volume.


Here are some screenshot showing the disrepencies beetween the volume size (the storage widget was not updated at the time of the first screenshot)






Any clue on what's going wrong ?

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Just doing it now, fast one doesn't give any error. The long one is long, so i wait for result.


I just see that my hdd doesn't have the same firmware in the volume. Can this be an issue ? Doesn't seems why (because even different HDD should be able to work together, but still).

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