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DVBLogic an XPenology


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I'm using XPenology on my HP Microserver Gen 8 bare metal.

Everything works really fine and I am very hapy with XPenology but there is something that won't work:


I bought an DVB Logic TV Source license a few years ago for my old Synology.

On my DS211+ it works really fine with an Hauppauge PCTV 461e DVB-S2 USB dongle but the Synology USB controller crashed.


Now I want to use DVB Logic on my XPenology but the PCTV461e USB dongle isn't recognized by DVB Logic.

I have already asked the DVB Logic Team for supoprt but XPenology isn't supported by DVB Logic.

They will try to help me with an teamviewer session but I think they can't solve the problem.



Do you have any idea to use DVB Logic on XPenology?

Is it possible that another DVB-S2 dongle could work (for example from Sundtek)?


I really like the DVB Logic software so I really want to use the product.

Any other options?

TVHeadend also doesn't recognise the PCTV 461e dongle.


Kind regards,


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what boot and dsm version are you using?


im only able to use dvb on boot 5592.2 and lower, and DSM 5592(all updates), and lower.

On 5644, dvb doesent detect, maybe someone can help on that version.


i use PCIE dvb card, and on tvh it works 100%, but dvbviewer doesent detect( didnt try to find the problem, tvh fits me).

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dvblogic need exclusive acess to dvb input, maybe thats the problem.

before dvb logic instalation you have to disable video station DVT.


in tvh i have to restart it ate every reboot, because, /dev/dvb isnt ready when tvh starts, so it doesent detect.

i think dvb logic has a package for drivers, and i think its free did you instaled it?


ps: i never get dvb logic to work either, but fot me tvh its all i need, next week im going to try dvb logic again.

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I just want to confirm that the following setting works perfect for me:


HP Microserver Gen 8

DSM 5.2 last Update

DVB TV Server / Source Version 5.5.x

Sundtek Sky TV 5


The stick was recognized by DVB Logic seconds after installing the driver.

Now I'm watching with my RPi 2 and everything works really perfect.


The same scenario with the PCTV461e from Hauppauge never worked!




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