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MB and case for new NAS


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I have a Xpenolgy NAS with a Q1900-ITX and a Tacens IXION case and I´m very happy with this configuration. It´s my first step with a NAS and I think the Xpenology project it´s amazing. I have tried FreeNas but isn´t the same.


But now I want more space (just for multimedia storage), and I want to build another Xpenology NAS. If it´s possible, the cheapest one, because it´s just for "non-vital" information.


I need a case with 8 HDDs and maybe an ITX MB with 8 SATA ports. I was thinking in (maybe) this configuration:


CASE: Node 304 Black

http://www.fractal-design.com/home/prod ... -304-black


MB: Q1900 with PCI SATA controller


http://www.amazon.com/IO-Crest-Controll ... s=pci+sata

http://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Techn ... tx+psu+300


What do you think? Something better? somethin cheaper :smile:?



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Personally I would pick up a gently used HP N54L on Ebay or CL.


Another option (although not cheapest) is to go with something like a UNAS NSC-400 or 800 series case and an ITX board.


Cost wise the N54L is a great solution if you want something cheap / easy / pre-built / and expandable. Supports 4 internal SAS + a 5th onboard + 6th with an ESATA cable (or could even go further if you got external ESATA storage if you wanted to go nuts)


I just upgraded my home nas to an NSC-800 by UNAS with an LSI in IT mode (see my other posts). I've maxed out the network connection on transfers internally on my network with that setup (and it was really cheap too)


Let me know if you have any questions.




For those of you who are lazy, here is a link to my post - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14074&p=60430#p60430

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