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HP microserver gen8 missing operatiing system


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I have a big problem,

I have i microserver gen8 with ESXI 5.5.0

Is tried To setup a vm with xpenology 5.2.

Creating de VM is no problem. IT boots and let me install de .pat file tru Synology assistant .

Xpenology install like iT normaly should.

But after installation in completed, de vm doesn't boot.

Is says "missing operatiing system"

I tried persistent, non-persistent vdisks.

I tried IDE 0:0 with another disk IDE 0:1 and i tried SCSI.

But whatever i try, installation in going fine, complete in 10minutes.

But after installation, booting hangs on "missing operatiing system"

I have 2 disk in raid 1 using de raid controller. From hp.


What is going wrong since i did iT before on a microserver n45l ?


Please help

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