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Unable to add another disk to SHR1 pool


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I have built my Xpenology machine with a mix of drives. I had 3x 4TB HDD, 1 was good, 1 was defective and the third was suspicious. I created a SHR pool initially with 2x 14TB and 1x4TB. Then I expanded it with another 4TB drive that was suspicious but turned out to be good. I ended up with a 20TB volume out of 4 drives. My defective 4TB drive was covered by warranty and replaced with a 6TB disk. I have not been able to add the 6TB drive to the 20TB volume, the button is greyed out. First the disk was not initialized so I created a pool of 1 drive and removed it. Not with the disk being initialized I still can't add it to my 20TB volume. 


Can I fix this? Running on:


Jun loader 1.04b with extra.lzma (extra918plus_v0.13.6)

DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3

Dell precision tower 3620 (Intel C236 chipset, Intel 219LM lan)

Intel G4560 CPU (Identified as Celeron?)

4x Intel SATA with SHR 1 (2x14TB, 2x4TB)

ASmedia 2-port PCIe SATA controller (1x 120GB SSD, 1x 6TB)




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6 hours ago, flyride said:

You only can add a disk equal to or larger than the largest member drive, or exactly the size of an existing drive.



Thanks! Not the answer I was hoping for but it's the truth. So the only option I have is destroying the array, building a new one with the 6TB and restoring data from backup?

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Yeah, it's not really possible to backtrack drives out of a SHR.


For the best results, build an initial SHR with the 4TB and 6TB drives.  The extra 2TB on the 6TB won't be initially usable.

Then, add in the 14TB drives and you'll get full capacity.


EDIT: actually you'll get the same result if you build with all the drives at once... was stuck thinking about the sequence from your original post


https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/RAID_calculator?hdds=4 TB|4 TB|6 TB|14 TB|14 TB

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