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DSM 7.0 Kernel Source - missed for over half a year?


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that date made me a little thinking and looking



in the sourceforge gpl source area is nothing new as the the date might indicate, its the same date as the 7.0 toolchain came out last year, something was uploaded but maybe we simply do not see whats there?

so i searched a little more and came across synology's "Dev Center" (long time no see)


and there is "Toolkits and GPL source" and that does not point to sourceforge as expected its this instead:

https://archive.synology.com/download/ToolChain/Synology NAS GPL Source/7.0-41890

and there is the DSM 7.0 kernel source (not 7.0.1 42218 but at least 7.0 41890)


and these are the direct links to the three kernels we are interested in
https://global.download.synology.com/download/ToolChain/Synology NAS GPL Source/7.0-41890/bromolow/linux-3.10.x.txz

https://global.download.synology.com/download/ToolChain/Synology NAS GPL Source/7.0-41890/broadwell/linux-4.4.x.txz

https://global.download.synology.com/download/ToolChain/Synology NAS GPL Source/7.0-41890/apollolake/linux-4.4.x.txz


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I've successfully installed as DS3622xs on bare-metal, Denverton Supermicro server. (offline install is the only way right now)


Caveat: This build is going to look for "certified" Synology drives. If you're using something other than what's on the official list, you're likely to receive the dreaded "Unverified" critical drive warning after logging in.


I was able to get around the error by using the tutorial here: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1371655-synology-dsm-7-drive-lock-bypass/


TL;DR: ssh into your instance and using sudo, edit the correct file(s) for your build and drive details under /var/lib/disk-compatibility.


In my case, I prepended 


to the "ds3622xs+_host_v7.db" file, saved, rebooted, and the warning went away. (I didn't have a *.new file listed)

I'm also able to see all the SMART details now as well.

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14 hours ago, tlsnine said:

I've successfully installed as DS3622xs on bare-metal, Denverton Supermicro server. (offline install is the only way right now)


please post that in the thread that was opened exactly for this



this thread is about the dsm 7.0 source code (as the topic implies)

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