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Raid6 Best software or hardware raid help


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Hi all looking to build a raid 6 system, im looking for peoples experiences as to hardware im not sure what to go with just yet and my searches dont give many usefully results


Build so far:

Case = Silverstone SST-DS380B

Psu = 450watt Gold

Harddrives 6 too 8 wd red 3tb


So do i go with


a) Motherboard with lots of mixed controllers on board (8+) " why this might be good "

b) Purchase a dedicated raid card and build the array on this " Specific hardware recommendations and why"


Ps thanks in advance.... yes it will be doing some heavy VM work as well as plex and IP camera storage work

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Can DSM handle raid 6, if so what settings are used on mobo bios, are they all set as single disks and does the SMART function still get collated and used to warn of pending disk failures.

Was quiet a few questions their if any one can answer. thx

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