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System Partition Failed Error across HDD's post DSM7 Migration with TinyCore

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Hi all


I posted this initially in the main TinyCore thread but thought it better to have a separate post to allow the main thread to focus on support for those trying to get TC functional. I am successfully running DSM7 via @pocopico TinyCore Loader having migrated from 6.2.3. Since migrating I get the following error:




I was asked to verify the status by running the following commands which gave the output below :


mdadm --detail /dev/md0

mdadm --detail /dev/md1






@pocopico asked if I could run the following command to identify how many disks I had - mdadm —detail /dev/md2 which I did and the detail I got back was




This is as far as I got before thinking it would be better to start a new thread so I am hoping that someone can assist with whatever I may need to do to try and resolve the issue about the System Partition Failed error in the first image.


Anything that you may need me to provide then please let me know and I will get onto it.


Thanks.....and great work to both Thor Group and @pocopico for their efforts in getting a loader that allows for DSM7 functionality.

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Normaly this should be fixable from the storage manager overview. It should display a banner regarding the failed system partition and provide a "repair" link, that actualy initiates the repair. A couple of seconds later the system should be healthy again.


I had it a couple of times with DSM6 and the repair always fixed it.


Your data is on /dev/md5. As long as it's working, everything else can be fixed without complication. Even problems on /dev/md5 usualy can be fixed manualy and do not neceissarily have to result in full dataloss.

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