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Recovering a nas


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My NAS is running OK for basics like file sharing and the admin page but some of the additional services such as sshd and webservices fail to start automatically. If I log in and disable/re-enable them will work until I re-boot the device.

I have tried:

a) Restoring a known working configuration but that did not solve the problem.

b) I also looked through the logs but did not found anything that looked significant.

c) I removed nearly every add-on package. Which lead to the discovery that the directory /var/run/postgres was missing which stopped a few of the add-on packages from being re-installed. But this had no impact on the initial problem.


So at this point I figure I need to re-install the base OS.


The issue I currently have is the Assistant app no longer finds this DiskStation (it does find another unit on the same network).


Does anyone which service/protocol is used for auto discovery by the assistant and how to manually re-enable it?

Alternatively are there any built-in recovery tools to help recover the system?



I am running the latest xpeboot and service packs.

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Think your right but reinstalling did not solve the problem.


It looks like my boot process is not starting all of the necessary services but I have not been able to determine why this is the case.


I did find out why the assistant was not finding the box. One of the start-up processes should have been "/usr/syno/bin/findhostd". It is not being started – manually starting it temporarily fixed that problem (at least until I do a restart).


This also explains why my postgress was not starting since one of the start-up scripts creates the "/var/run/postgresql" directory which is necessary for the postgress service to start.


However my init and rc.d directories seem fine. I have come to the conclusion one of the start-up services/scripts must be hanging and blocking everything that is supposed to run after it.


It would help if there was a description of units boot process. It seems convoluted compared to most Linux boxes or perhaps I just don’t know which are real start-up files vs those which are system backup copies!

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