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Question: Compiling for Other Models and Chipsets (Denverton)


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Other than time and maybe Human Resources, what is keeping Redpill from supporting other models?


I have a Denverton-based SuperMicro server that seemingly matches up well with several Synology offerings, yet I'm still required to install essentially one of these 3 models: ds918+, ds3615xs, or ds3617xs.

Redpill allows me to generate a serial for the DVA3221 but then proceeds to install for ds3617xs anyway.

I realize it's just grabbing what the json files are telling it to.


I see the sources for Denverton are available, so what's truly involved in altering the script to support the 9 (NINE!) models Synology offers. For comparison, ApolloLake only has 6 models available.


Time is something I have a lot of right now, and while I'm not a coder, if there was a basic script of flow-chart I could follow, I'm not opposed to giving it a shot to build for Denverton.


Am I wasting my time?

Can someone point me in the right direction or tell me, with a reason, why it's not possible?


I'm also not opposed to donating some beer money if someone else want to tackle this.


Thanks for everyones hard work!!

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Somebody else correct me if I am wrong...or add to my answer...


I think the main reason that no other model is supported at the moment it's because the other DSMs do not offer anything more (for most users)...


For example DS918+ physically the machine has 4 disks but no one is stopping you to use 8 or maybe more. It has 4 cores but it supports up to 8. Same for RAM and ethernet...

In addition DS3617xs and Ds3615xs support any x86-64 CPU (especially for people with older Xeon Processors) when DS918+ supports most/some Hasewell CPUs and above...

DS918+ also supports NVMe Cache which other models do not.


ThorGroup (RedPill creators) also mentioned that they were looking into those models like the one you mentioned the DVA3221 which has NVIDIA GPU but you know Nvidia and Linux Drivers... maybe unstable.

The wanted to look into the AMD models in order to make a loader that supports AMD CPUs, if you are on a VM though there is no issue having an AMD but when the bootloader is loading it warns you that AMD CPUs are not supported and maybe unstable.

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Yeah, Nvidia! I run a Hackintosh at home so I know that pain lmao.


Quite a few RackStations are powered by Denverton SOCs and obviously those are more for storage-whores and non-video related computing. And I fall into that category.


I'm just interested in the process. 


For a some reason, my server uses a stupid onboard Intel X553 network stack and the current ixgbe drivers don't work because support wasn't offered until kernel 5.5-ish, I believe.


Maybe I'm overcomplicating things? Wouldn't be the first time! 


I'm just trying to match my hardware to the real-deal. That said, I had Jun's loader (ds918+) working fine with my entire rig and I've done it via ESXi as well, but again, I'm annoying and I'm looking for as close to a bare-metal experience as possible.


As a trade-off, right now I'd be happy with some direction on how to compile the ixgbe extension for my specific, weirdo network.

At least I'd be up and running again and can toy around with things as this project matures.

So if you know someone that can get those drivers done for me... ;)


Thanks for letting me vent!


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In short, the loader itself is coded to work around unique issues presented by each of the supported Synology hardware platforms, including physical hardware emulation.


Synology doesn't recompile a standard DSM for a new platform, they do a lot of customization and backporting. So a new platform for us isn't as simple as compiling against a new toolkit. Also, toolkits != kernel source so there are a lot of things that are heavily obfuscated or just plain don't exist for review and analysis.


Some relevant posts:


https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/45795-redpill-the-new-loader-for-624-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=218147 (see topic on Kernel/driver interactions)

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