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Help fo update dsm on baremetal


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2 hours ago, Dfds said:

@casininSupponendo che tu voglia aggiornare a DSM 7, dai un'occhiata al thread del caricatore tinycore redpill nella sezione di discussione degli sviluppatori.

more than anything else I did not even understand how to update with the updates always on 6.2.
For example I have 6.2.237, can I directly update with 25426-3 which I find here via link on the forum ?? http://download.synology.com/download/DSM/criticalupdate/update_pack/25426-3/
Thank you

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2 minutes ago, Dfds said:

You don't say what hardware you're running but yes you should be able to update to 6.2.3-25426, once done you can apply the minor updates.

sorry.... I have use baremetal on p4 d 945 (3.4 dual core) 4gb ddr2 with 6 sata ports and gigabit network, I have successfully installed dsm 6.2.237 and I will mount 5 2tb drives in raid5, with loader 1.03b and dsm 6.2.23739.

and minor updates how do they install?

sorry for the many questions but I wanted to understand before starting to use the nas

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13 minutes ago, Dfds said:

The minor updates can usually be updated from the control panel once you've updated to 25626. As always it's recommended to have backups of any important data.

ok thanks, so I update to 25426 with them major update (I didn't find 25626), manually selecting the .pat file, then I update automatically always from the updates panel. Right?

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45 minutes ago, Dfds said:

Update to 25426 manually selecting the pat file, then update through control panel to update 3. Do not enable automatic updates. 6.2.3u3 is the max version supported by jun's 1.03b loader.

thank you, if you were very kind

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Hi guys,


Need help, can i click update on control (Current DSM version is DSM 6.2-23739), its say "dsm 0.0.1-42218 is available for download", or you have method to migration to new version,


and more question, can i add more physical drive (M-Sata 256Gb) to mainboard?


Thank you

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