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Skylake ASRock H110M-ITX build


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Hi there,


I am switching from my synology Ds212+ to an DIY NAS build.

I am new to this and i want to make sure that my hardware will work properly with xpenology.


This is the build that i want to use:


motherboard : ASRock H110M-ITX with 4 sata 600 and Intel nic I219V


CPU: Intel I3 6100 Skylake


RAM : Crucial CT8G4DFD8213 8GB DDR4 2133Ghz


PSU : Seasonic S12II-Bronze 430W


CASE : Fractal design node 304


HDD : HGST deskstar NAS 4TB


USB BOOT DRIVE : Sandisc cruzer ultra fit 16GB USB 3.0


I Can't Fins this hardware in the database so can anyone tell me of this setup will work?



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I'm using the same MoBo (beside an included ac-WLAN Card) and it's working just fine,

WOL was never an issue.

CPU/RAM shouldn't matter as long as they are on the support list of the MoBo, which they are, so should be working...


Maybe change the power supply, there is no benefit of using the SeaSonic vs. the BeQuit System Power 7 300W,

both have only 4 Sata Power Connectors and the BQ is pretty efficient under low load... aand: it could save a few bucks!


The HDD seems just fine, but be aware of that 7200rpm will be louder than some 5400-5900rpm HDDs like the WD red...

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