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DSM's GUI, how is it coded?


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Hey guys,


One of the things from Synology that I've always loved was the clean GUI interface from DSM.


I'm now looking at building a web-based Point of Sales system (it may be completely over my head, but I can think big :lol: ), and I think I'd like to build it with the DSM "feel" if at all possible.


So with that in mind, does anybody know how the gui is served/built ?


Is that portion of their code open source? (I don't actually want to steal the gui code, but if I can see how its done, I could re-create in the manner desired)


Is there a specific library/java/JS or other component that is used to build the interface?


Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

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Nice looks is all about CSS once you have a proper structured HTML page. I'm developing PoS systems (and other) and there are no benefits of trying to reuse code from Synology. Spend the time more wisely and learn a framework that's ment to be copied, modified and looks good out of the box such as Bootstrap. There are a lot of styles available too, that way you get clean, easy to read code with minimal effort. :smile:


More info: http://getbootstrap.com/

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