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DSM 4.2 beta (3161) for RS3413xs+ Repack


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I had repack the DSM 4.2 Beta (Build version 3161) for RS3413xs+, below are major information for this release.


1.Extra Support NIC: r8168 and e1000 (suppose can run with VBOX)

2.Extra support Crucial M4-CT128M4SSD2/M4-CT256M4SSD2/M4-CT512M4SSD2 as SSD Cache

3.You must install the SSD on SATA port 0 & 1 as SSD Cache, the data HDD will start from SATA Port 2

4.Support AHCI SATA HDDs x10 and 12 USB ports





Download URL: EOL

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That's great - many thanks....


Have added a few more SSD product codes to your other post request....


Any chance you could add the Intel C600 series chipset to your next build too and may be a few more common NIC drivers too - that would be fantastic!


Thanks again,



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Hi Odie,


I have an LSI MegaRaid 9280 adaptor that I'd really like to use - could you possibly look at including the latest drivers for this type of card and maybe others too?

Sorry, not sure how much work it would be?


Before build 2668, it is very easy.

From 2668, Synology including the SAS/SCSI common driver/library into kernel and do some process to SCSI/SAS HDDs, cause unable to use "insmod" scenario to extend more controllers.

Maybe need to recompiler the kernel and can meet your requirement.


If you had try to compiler the kernel, suppose you know what I am saying.

Below are some dmesg info from "Linux DS3612 3.2.11 #2668 SMP Tue Dec 11 12:50:50 CST 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_bromolow_3612xs"


[    0.508274] Block layer SCSI generic (bsg) driver version 0.4 loaded (major 2
[    0.508685] io scheduler noop registered
[    0.508983] io scheduler cfq registered (default)
[    0.676576] Serial: 8250/16550 driver, 4 ports, IRQ sharing disabled
[    0.753215] brd: module loaded
[    0.754581] Loading iSCSI transport class v2.0-870.
[    0.760939] rdac: device handler registered
[    0.761403] mpt2sas version loaded
[    0.764212] ahci 0000:00:1f.2: version 3.0
[    0.764300] ahci 0000:00:1f.2: PCI INT A -> GSI 23 (level, low) -> IRQ 23
[    0.765443] ahci 0000:00:1f.2: irq 40 for MSI/MSI-X


Do you know what is the SAS controller on RS10613xs+ ?

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I really like this build."Correction: I am actually using DS3612xs_2661-Repack, not RS3413xs+, but apart from seeing first two drives as SSD, everything else works the same"

Synoboot USB correctly identified as USB flash and can be ejected after boot. All USB ports and external drives are visible and working, but HID UPS still not working. During the installation of DSM USB is not overwritten or corrupted.

Installed on ASUS E35M1-I (AMD E-350). Currently installed 4GB of RAM but it doesn't use that much. Even with 1GB RAM it was not using more than 50%. CPU show high utilization on thumbnail generation and during rsync backup, but unit is still very responsive. Performance is comparable with DS412+. 1Gbps network can be saturated with any type of RAID.

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Does anyone have a vmware 5.1 ( esxi) version of 4.2 build 3202 or 3111 which allows for packages to download.


I am mounting and trying to get 4.2 loaded but it keeps saying could not find hard drive yet in 4.1 same .VMDK is found fine.


Would appreciate your assistance, please private message me if you have a link for latest build for VMWARE ESXI 5.1


Thank you and GOD bless you.

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