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Conroller configuration for 15 ports


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Just to reach more people here a translation and summary of my question from the german section:


I bought a 15-bay Supermicro 933 19" case and board, cpu and ram.


To build a raid 5 with more than 8 drives (up to 15 if possible), is it the best solution to use an IBM 1015 (or similar) with an SAS expander (heard that can be trouble with large drives (8TB)), to combine 2 IBM 1015 if possible or is it even possible to add just a 1015 or non raid SATA Controller with 8 ports and use the build in SATA Ports of the mainboard parallel and let XPEnolog/DSM do the software Raid?


Thx for your input

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What's your budget? two LSI 9211-8is will give you 16 ports for less than an expander and card and more throughput capacity BUT any card that uses the LSI chipsets will not register the drives in the correct order their loaded; e.g. you could put drives in slot 1,5,9,15 and in DSM storage manager it would appear as if they're in slots 1,2,3,4.


The reason why I ask about your budget is that the Adaptec 1000-16i HBA is a 12G SAS/SATA on an x8 PCIe gen 3.0 (backwards compatible to Gen 2.0 slots) with 16 internal slots on the single card and by all accounts it will order the drives correctly, so in the example above physical slots = DSM storage manager slots which is easier to maintain.... There is a thread here in the main English section from me asking about SM 12 bay chassis which goes through this issue.


Edit: missed the internal slot question; yes you can. you'll find that the internal SATA slots will take storage manager slots first and then the HBA will take over; e.g. for a 6 sata connector motherboard + M1015 it will be Storage Manager slots 1-6 internal SATA, Slots 7-14 HBA but the first 6 slots will order according to the sata numbers and then the HBA will be random.


My preference if I was you, spend the $300USD or so for an Adaptec 1000-16i HBA as its 12G SAS/SATA and mini-HD connectors so is more SAS3 based not SAS2... Obviously do your own further research to ensure that this works for you; but I am in a similar position and this is what I am looking at.

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