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Braswell or Bay Trail?


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Hello everyone,


I am new to XPEnology but I am trying to build a platform which can run it well, without problems if possible.


My first choice was going to be the Asrock N3150-ITX or the N3700M: the former is small and nice and the latter has 3 PCIe slots, so I could add one or two SATA controllers and maybe an extra GBE card to implement Link Aggregation.


First of all, are my assumptions correct? Can I add those things on the N3700M?


Second: I read that XPEnology does not handle well the Braswell power/turbo/idle: is it still so? Because I like the Braswell for their low power, but if the processor is at all times at full power then it is pointless... Since the 716+ uses the N3150, is there hope that those functions will be implemented?


In order to overcome these potential problems, I was also considering a J1900 platform (maybe ASRock again); is the Bay Trail better supported in terms of power management than the Braswell? Does it make sense to go for an "old" technology in exchange for possible better support or do we expect Braswell to be fully supported soon?


Thanks, and thanks for the wonderful job!!!



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Go with the newer tech. It is correct that Braswell is not fully supported atm, because the intel_pstate kernel modules is not part of the current build. Future builds are very likely to include the module.

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