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Will this SATA controller play nice w/ Xpen?



It's officially time I set up an SSD cache. However, my motherboard is small, and all my hot swap bays are full. I've poked at this in the past, but ended up saving it for another day because of reasons. But, now I'm set to go.

So here's what I'm working with:

- DSM 6.2.3U3, DS918+
- Jun 1.04b w/ extended driver pack
- Asrock Rack C246WSI (itx, intel)- I have no more native sata slots free
-- Board has a single pcie slot (occupied by nic), and a single M.2 slot that can operate in pcie or sata mode. If in sata, then it disables sata_1 on the board
-- The m.2 slot is a shortie
- It's my understanding that xpen doesn't like port multipliers, so I need a controller that has full sata connections

So I need to add some more sata interfaces. My case is small, *very* small. It's a compact build. But it has room for 4 2.5" drives internally.

My plan is this:
- m.2 extension cable so I can then mount an m.2 sata controller where convenient, and connect drives from there

- Sata extension https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/749278297

- Sata controller https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/229989489

-- Controller is a JBM585
-- Specs found here https://www.jmicron.com/products/list/15

-- It's my understanding that this is a non-port-multiplying controller

- Would this hardware work? If not, is there a more appropriate controller?
- I'm aware of the kernel bug, where if an NVME attached drive hangs doing garbage collect or something, it crashes the whole volume. Theoretically, this should not happen on sata devices going through a controller, correct?

- This will likely be configured as a read cache, as opposed to r/w. But above concern still applies

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JBM585 based controllers, has been used by many of the users.

But, I do spot a "minor" problem ... 

The SATA controller is "B-Key", and the extension you link to, is "M-Key".

What "Key" do you have on your mainboad?


Edit: on closer look, the "minor" problem should not be a problem ;-)



btw: are you using the "Oculink", and if so was it easy to get going with XPE?

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