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xpenology freezing


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I am running xpenology 5.2.5644 R5 on a Dell Vostro 420 and it works beautifully. One small caveat I have is after about 5-7 days the xpenology freezes. The PC is still running but I have no access to it at all. If I pull the power to the unit and plug it back in it works just fine for another 5-7 days. I find no specific error in the logs other than xpenology experienced an improper shutdown and that is from me pulling the power. After I pull the power and restore it there is NO consistency check performed on the disks by the xpenology. I am really not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Do you have any suggestion on turning on any type of advanced logging or where to check for more detailed logging other than the log center??


Any ideas?

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