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Help Volume crashed


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I have a XPEnology with 2 WD 2TB and 2 WD 3TB.

There was 1 Volume about all 4 disk configured at SHR-1.

Yesterday i try to added a 3 WD3 TB disk.

During the process i had to shutdown the system. Didn't think it would be a big deal.

Today I startet the NAS again and everything is lost.


Volume is gone. The system made a parity check. But the Volume is still crashed.

At the start the system give me a Info that I should check if the Harddisk are connected in the right slot.

I didn't change anything.

A Screenshot of the message but in german.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/0a2kbssmm580j ... r.png?dl=0


Now I can't access any data or restore the Volume.

Can someone help me to access my data at least?


Best regards



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Yes but the filesystem is broken.

It will not be recognized as an ext4 anymore.

Also I tried to recover some file with photorec or R-Studio for Linux.

Some file are recognized but with the wrong content. :roll:


I'm tired. :mad: Now I delete the Volume and the RAID and start new.


It is a bit stuff to do for me to get all my Series back that are lost now.

In my luck at scrap the series with Ember media Manager. :razz: So I know which Series are lost.

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