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External HDD hibernation


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I would like to ask for a little help here. I have two HDDs in my box. One is connected to SATA port and another to "eSATA" (edited synoinfo.conf). What I would like to achieve is, that SATA drive would be on 24-7 and eSATA drive would go to sleep when not used (since it will only be used for backup a few times per day).


Unfortunately DSM has only one setting for hibernation that works for SATA and eSATA. I tried putting eSATA to sleep with hdparm -y, but it wakes up after a few seconds for some reason (nothing is using it). If I set HDD hibernation in DSM, they go to sleep properly, but I don't want the first one to go to sleep all the time.


Has anyone solved similar problem? The other option is see is, that I set timer in DSM and then make a script that would access first HDD all the tiem, so it won't go to sleep. But I am looking for somewhat better solution.



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