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DSM 6.1.7 & Cloud Station vs Synology Drive


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Hello everyone, and best wishes for this new year.


I am reaching the forum for an issue I seem to be facing for months now without finding a suitable solution.


Before upgrading my DSM, I was using the Cloud Station to sync 2 synology NAS "easyli (mine using XPenology and another "real" synology). After the 6.1.7 upgrade, I discovered that Cloud Station was no more available in the DSM, prefered by Drive Station. But my problem is than in the Packet center, I cannot find the Cloud Station, nor Drive Station packages! As those NAS are accessible over the Internet, we do not want to use Rsync (meaning opening the 22 port over internet).


Is someone else having this problem? How can I get the Cloud Station Sharesync back to the 6.1.7 DSM version (or the Drive Station, I don't really mind)?


Thanks for your help

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REplying to myself: 

I was able to find and install manually the Cloud Station spk file, and I am now having the error message (when trying to Sync):

"Incompatible versions. Please update to the latest version. If you are connecting to Synology Drive Server, please download Synology Drive Server and use Synology Drive Sharesync instead."


Problem: Synology Drive is only available from 6.2.3 and above: https://www.synology.com/fr-fr/dsm/6.2/software_spec/synology_drive


Thus... I'm screwed?

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