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HP gen8 PROLIANT lastest dsm to install ?



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4 hours ago, alucard_xs said:

I've got an old HP Proliant gen8

thats not specific enough if you want anyone to know about the hardware you use

there is microserver and DL and even in DL there are very different models (160/320/360/380/385/560) and with the DL385 there is even a AMD cpu involved

also the storage controller is important as most of hpe's usual smart array Pxxx controlelrs are not really supported by xpenology



4 hours ago, alucard_xs said:

with juns 1.0.2 bootloader and dsm3615sx (DSM_DS3615xs_15284) installed on 6.1.7

Do you think it's possible to update it to 6.2.3 ?


if you had 5.x before that there might be a problem you should solve before upgrading to 6.2.3



beside needing loader 1.03b you can use the same methods you know about usb vid/pid, mac, serial and grub.cfg

last working is 6.2.3 u3, anything above like 6.2.4 or 7 would need a newer loader then jun's 1.03b



i'd suggest using a new usb and preparing/testing the new loader with a single empty disk and if 6.2.3 installs and drivers for storage and network are ok you could boot up your "old" 6.1 disks with that usb and the synology assistant should suggest upgrading/migrating the system (on the disks) to 6.2.3

most special tweaks you made to config files or drivers will not work as config files will be overwritten and drivers from 6.1 will not work with the different kernel of 6.2.x, example would be power button package or any hpe temp/managment control drivers

the usual packages like synologys own packages, plex, ... might need updating after switching to 6.2 but configuration should be the same after updating the packages


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