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Hi all, im new here today, but have been visiting as a guest as my searches on google go me here, for obvious reasons, i want a NAS, well a better one than i have at the min, a WD cloud...


Over the course of a week i have been using my test machine a old HP small form factor pc, playing with the synology fw provided by here, must say on first glance really nice i like alot, my aim was to install and use plex along side rutorrent CP sonarr etc you get the idea, all new to me bar plex...


Iv seen a few sig's with there builds etc and its got me going now how i want my own NAS


1:- Silverstone DS380B 8 Bay NAS Chassis Small Form Factor 12 Drive Support 8 Hot-swappable No PSU (SFX)

2:- Intel Core i5 6600K Unlocked Skylake Desktop Processor/CPU <<< would my i7 4790k stock cooler fit on this into the above case? never used as have watercooling for it.

3:- Asus PRO GAMING Z170I Mini ITX Skylake Motherboard

4:- Corsair 16GB Dominator Platinum DDR4 3200MHz RAM/Memory Kit 4x 4GB

hdd whats best? i see red green purple WD drives? ill start off with maybe 2 x 6tb or 2x4tb more than enough space for now....


basically im at that point is this hardware OTT??? im using the NAS for my plex streaming/transcode, storage, cloud and at soome point use it for the cctv cameras , and anything else i find within the synology community that i like as im new...



any help or pointers/tips i will greatly appreciate them...



ps for anyone having issues with rutorrent like i did for 2 days....make a user called rutorrent in synology control panel then install rutorrent!!!

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ah i found a DB created for supported hardware :smile: possible delete the thread


What you have there is overkill but it's your playground. Enjoy! :smile:


Don't go for Greens. They're slow and they break fast. Go for Reds or Reds mixed with anything else.

And DON'T BUY more than 2 HDDs from the same vendor if you want your system to be bulletproof.

Same model, same vendor and same acquisition date most of the time mean same manufacturing bug (if there is one), so you'll have a reason to cry after your data if all HDDs break in the same time.


...and this info comes from a guy that's using xpenology for 3 years. I never lost any data since using xpenology, although some disks have failed (Seagate and WD Greens).

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