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Active Backup for Business cannot relink shared folder


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I have a quite big problem. I used Active Backup for Business and backuped my E drive from my PC.  Unfortunately I did not turn on recycle bin and deleted all folders: @ActiveBackup and ActiveBackupData and also task from program. (I wanted do some amendments on my NAS)  After that I accidentally cleared my ssd drive using security erase - that was my E drive!  I realized what I have done, I did not overwrite the volume and turn off NAS and recovered data using ReclaiMe File Recovery Software (https://www.reclaime.com/default.aspx). 

Data I recovered without any problems I have all folder and files structure etc. The main problem is with re-linking my restored data with Active Backup software and restored it to PC. When I want re-link the recovered folder I am getting message: "unable to select the shared folder because the folder already contains backup data." 
I lost about 20 years of pictures and documents. I am attaching print screens. 
If you could help me or give me some advice.  Thank you, 

cannot relink folder.PNG

cannot relink folder2.PNG

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