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can't shutdown( get kernel calltrace, DSM unresponsive but the hardware is still running)


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Hi all,


The DSM working well with my config before.

But the DSM broken suddenly, at first I don't know the rootcase is one DDR DIMM broken, so  I reinstall the DSM.

Now I changed the DIMM, it seems everyting is ok.

But I find some issues:

1,  can't shutdown/reboot

2, unstable, sometime stop service with kernel hung.


MB: MSI H510i pro wifi

CPU:I3 10105


attachment is the messgaes.


Can anyone help to confirm that any rootcause of the issue?


Thank you very much in advance for your help.



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i'd say stop using dsm for now if you need the data on the disks, it can end easily in a broken/failed raid

check psu, instability can have impact on a lot of things

use a live/rescue linux that has memtest as boot option an run that

if you have 2 ram's then use one with memtest, let it run for some hours, if only one ram is faulty you might have the culprit

if both are faulty or the system crashes on both i'd replace the psu

cpu's are usually not faultym and a cooling problem might be seen in bios (temp. cpu)  and cpu fan would run at high speed (if the cooler does not fit or there is a problem with heat transfer between cpu and heatsink)

its also posible to have problem with the board but thats harder to judge so try the things from above


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