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You need to install 6.2.3-25426 which is the main release. The others are minor updates. Before 6.2.4 was released, then control panel would have offered the minor updates after you installed the main release. I'm not sure whether we can get that done now (i.e it may only offer 6.2.4) but we can worry about that later. It won't change any of the functionality.

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I haven't looked at the tool. I assume it allows you to create the loader on USB and then it downloads the .pat file from Synology for you to use when you run the install. In that case, you can download the .pat file you have linked to your PC and use that instead when prompted during the install process.

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Short answers:



Yes but No.

Long answers: Synology changed their driver model after 6.1.7 and then put it back again in 6.2.3.  So after 6.1.7, the onboard nic stopped working.

People were installing the extra card to make those intermediate releases work. And that's why there are many posts about using it.


But for 6.2.3, you don't need it.


6.2.3 is the latest release that the jun loader supports. It does not work for 6.2.4 or 7.


There has been a new loader 'redpill' under development and it is officially "in test" and a few people are having success with it and quite  few are not. At the moment it does require some developer skills to build and run. There are some loooong threads in the Developer Section. But my advice is to run with what you have, sit tight and wait.

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@billat29 Thank you very much for your generous help, you helped me a lot, thanks to you I have a working system :)


In addition I also installed the powerbutton, the installation was successful (I have not checked it yet ...)

  I wanted to consult your opinion, should I return the BIOS to Stock or stay with the custom Bios?

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Another N36L owner here.


My N36L has 8Gb of memory, the original BIOS and an HDMI card occupying one of the slots.


I've been told in the welcome forum that my N36L will run the 1.03b loader and DSM 6.2.3.


Do I  need to upgrade the  BIOS to do this? If so which BIOS should I use?


Is the inbuilt network card OK or do I need to get another?


Thanks for any advice. 



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