N40L can't be find after reboot loader / 1.03b - DSM 6.2

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Hello guys I hope you will be able to help me on this.

I have xpenology installed on my N40L baremetal version since more than 2 years and I had no problem until recently. 

I had an issue with emby and followed a post supposed to fix it.Screenshot_2022-01-04-02-06-07.thumb.jpg.02efdca2028c53d1581f0f5c133ccccf.jpg

I did as shown and rebooted, and the issue came after that moment. I waited a long time and I was unable to access it. So I connected a screen, a mouse and a keyboard and here is what I have now.


Of course I tried to find the IP with synology finder and nothing was visible. I looked in my router and it was not available either. I removed the static IP rule I had for it, put it back. Nothing.


That is my DSM version in this pic. 

I read that it might be a problem with the CMOS battery, I changed it and reconfigured the bios, but the problem persist.

I then booted through a Linux USB and followed this tutorial 


And I was able to confirm that the data and disks are OK.


How can I fix it? What is the next step for me?


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Is there a way to copy the configurations of the server when I enter with a Linux live usb?

You know, the users, groups, shared folders and the dockers that were running? Even the firewall configs etc?

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