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Does any of you have an image for PROXMOX dsm 7?


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You might want to take a look at this thread: 



I posted the required commands to download the rploader, create the vm, create a sata0 on lvm-thin, the user_config.json required for proxmox and commands on how to "bring your own configurations" to the rploader. You basicly need to build your own bootloader using a script that does almost everything for you.



Warning: rp-lkm is officialy in alpha state and it is not yet ment for production - even though some people already use it productive already. There is always a possibility of data loss. 



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I have a lot of problems, I don't know what. Are you able to generate an image for me for DS3615xs?


Okay, however, I don't need help, I was able to install on Proxmox from this guide: https://www.bachmann-lan.de/xpenology-7-0-unter-proxmox-installieren/?unapproved=2096&moderation-hash=97897349589293857620e32275270650#comment-2096


But I found that proxmox is not the best option, so I reinstalled it on a pendrive and it works.

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