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RAID VOLUME CRASHED couple of questions


not sure extactly what happened, NAS became unresponsive / sluggish and could log in, so quick restart ended up being completely unresponsive. Did a recovery which it gave me the option to recover my data and keep most of the settings. tried this it kept crashing towards the end, did a reinstall but keep data option. This has now resulted in nas booting and being able to get to the web gui, this states that my 3 drive raid 5 array has crashed. it gives me no options to repair. all 3 drives show as good, no smart errors and i have no logs from previous install. however 2 drives show as initialized and one is showing as normal. 2 out of 3 is bad in raid 5 i know and an unfortunate set of events has led to my backup of my data being lost (actually cant locate the hard disk). I have placed the drive array in a windows machine and tried a couple of different software to see if it can locate the array and give me some headway however using stellar data recovery technician it shows as 1 drive being raid 5 and two drives being raid 6. can anyone help? or am i completely goosed? thank you

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Sorry to hear this i had the same Crash on my array  last week  due to a power cut then on boot it cut again resulting in the crash , it said i could access my data and back it up but thats about it and would have to delete the volume and create a new one resulting in all data being wiped .... its one of those things that you have a nas to handle your data in raid 5 so its "safe" if i drive fails.... its not like i have another 16TBs of drive just lying around to copy all data to....hope you get your data recovered 

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