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Surveillance Station 7.1 4141


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Hi to all,

today i found strange thing...My friend has native DS216+ and he has got version of SS 7.1 build 4141, on xpeno im running still on 4122.

If i look into official download section for syno (https://dedl.synology.com/download/spk/ ... ceStation/) then build 4141 was not released for bromolow, same as 7.2 versions.


It is something against xpenology or they are releasing bromolow at later time then all another?


Thank you, Vitek

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I think so. You can always extract the INFO file from the package and see what arch's the package supports.


I do not't know why Synology has changed their build practices. It might have to do with DSM 6 being x64.


64-Bit Architecture


DSM 6.0 has been optimized for all models based on Intel 64-bit processors to improve general performance.


Supports over 4GB memory allocation for one single process to deploy large scale application.


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You got it b0fh, there is quite big improvement in live view and playback,i have four cams (bought licences),same cams as i installed at my friends home,on ds216 with latest version it runs like a charm and my older one tooks really long to show up live view from all cams, mostly then wont come up at all...

This is the reason why i want new build...


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