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Minimum hardware requirements?


Hello, I want to build a basic Backup Xpenologhy server for my main one just incase fails on me for some odd reason. I was wondering what is the basic minimum hardware requirement for me to do a backup xpenology? I'm not using it as the main xpenology but as a bakup only.


I have been seeing different specifications but I'm unsure.







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I would say any x64 processor....intels are prefered over AMDs


I am running my ds3615xs on i3-550....without a hickhup


Seen some old threads with core2duo etc.... 


Look up those successfull upgrade topics where people also post their hardware setups

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The link has specific CPU requirements vs. versions of DSM.


You can install with as little as 2GB RAM but it will be slow.

The functionally minimum size hard drive is about 6GB but there is so little space available due to OS overhead that it is hardly worth it. 

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