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Problems with the fan...


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Hello everyone,


I explain my problem to see if someone can help me.


I have a Buffalo Terastation TS58000D. Which I've put the XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.5 and the latest software available: DSM_5.2-5644 Update-5.


My problem is that the NAS is very noisy and the fan don't stop, all the time running. When using the original Buffalo firmware, the fan works ok.


In Control Panel, in Hardware section, there is an option that says: Ffan speed mode, but I can not select any value, is empty.


I have tried several things:


1) File scemd.xml

Reading various forums, I see that this is the file that theoretically controls the fan issue. I have edited for values , but what surprises me is that there are different options for each hardware (hw_version = Synology-DX5 Synology-DX510, Synology-DX1211, Synology-RX1211RP, etc), but not the option of our installation DS3615.


I edited the file and copying the values ​​of other hardware I added these versions:

hw_version = Synology-DS3615xs

hw_version = Synology-DS3615xs-j

hw_version = Synology-DS-3615xs


But it didn't work, still noisy

The edition of this file've made in: /usr/syno/etc/scemd.xml and /usr/syno/etc.defaults/scemd.xml


I can understand that the control panel menu appears empty because no configuration settings. Any ideas?


2) I have checked the BIOS to boot the NAS, but there is no configurable option for the fan. It is a bios of Aptio American Megatrends, version 2.14.1219


3) I followed this post:



mktemp installed, lm-sensors etc.etc ..

but nothing. still noisy ...


any ideas? can you help me?


Thank you very much in advance.

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Read this guide to see what you need to control the fans:



In my case it didn't work because DSM does not include the driver for my Super I/O chip, so I kindly asked Trantor to include it in the next xpenology build:



He answered a few days ago and my Super I/O will be supported in the next build. Yeah!



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