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Xpenolgy will not start after power failure


Hello, good to all.
I wanted to ask for help on the forum because I have a big problem with xpenology. I have a g7 with nic intel and I had it in 6.2.3, it had been running for years without problem but yesterday it gave me a warning of degraded volume due to a disk in bad condition, until then normal, but today there was a power cut and when it turned on Turn on it, it did not let me log in, it said that the memory was full and could not be accessed, again the electricity was cut off and now the access page no longer appears. Can you help me? Thank you

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I already found the problem. Use ubuntu live and mount the disks and the md0 partition was 100% full. Delete any log folder and it worked. Now it would be good to know how to locate the problem of why md0 is filled. can someone help?




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