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sleep / WOL?


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I'm running DS3612xs - DSM 4.2 build 3202, and have WOL on Lan 1 selected under Control Panel > Hardware. I can shut down the machine from both inside and also outside the intranet (DS Finder), but I can't seem to get the machine to sleep. (And I can't wake it either, of course.) It appears to be in a full shutdown state. (No lights on mobo LAN port.) Is there a way to manually put the machine in hibernate mode? I went into the bios and looked for options for sleep state and WOL, but can't seem to find them. It's a newer Gigabute UEFI bios. I wasn't able to find anything googling here or elsewhere. And there's no reference to Sleep State or Wake on Lan or PME in the mobo book. (I searched thoroughly.) Maybe I just need to let the machine idle to get it into sleep? (Transmission is constantly seeding and might be keeping machine awake?) Hardware specs should be in sig below.


Not related, but just need to say that I'm really happy with XPEnology. Night and day difference compared to my old WHS 2011 server. This is a great community. Thanks for all the help so far!


EDIT: I also went into Synology Assistant and Set Up WOL, so it shows "WOL" under "WOL Status" column. But it still doesn't respond to a WOL request.

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1. you can turn off transmission & check if it goes to sleep

2. if there is a problem in transmission you can use power scheduler

3. To POWER ON the NAS, U can use still use WOL


Power Scheduler > http://blogmydigitallife.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-automatically-turn-your-synology.html


WOL setup > follow jesonwu steps > http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=665&hilit=wake

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