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Accidental Install of DSM 6 RC


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Hi everyone!


yes im sure your all laughing your faces off!

I stupidly, downloaded the DSM 6.0 RC for DS1612xs and installed via the Manual Upgrade on DSM 5.2


mine was 5592 update 4.

i have ESXi, i had XPenology 5592 ISO, and the Xpenology install for 5592, which updated fine to U4.

i have 4 RDM mapped 4TB drives.


After the install - it wouldnt start, at which point i realised oh "shhhh...." i forgot i needed the Xpenology ISO and PAT files. realising that DSM 6 has not been patched up yet.


So, now i cant seem to downgrade back to 5592, and i cant seem to SSH in with Putty either, the root or admin password seems to have been changed???



Does anyone know how do i get back to where i was?

could i simply create a new VM with the old 5592 install, and the simply re-attached the drives? would that do it? i dont know.



PLEASE ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated......

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thanks, but after the install of DCM 6, it wouldnt start, however looking on console in ESXi, something do fail, and there is a login prompt, however - the admin password I used doesnt work now?


connecting via Putty doesnt work either, connection refused.

so it seems as though its blatted my admin passwords.?


anyway around this ?

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thanks for that. but it still didnt fix it.


on my NAS before it broke it had 5592.4, and was using Expenology's 5592.2 ISO (boot).


i corrected the VERSION file in "etc.default", to exactly what the details where in that link you sent. However, after rebooting, and trying the INSTALL function on the Synology Assistant. after 9% installing, it stopped and said something like "install failed, your version is from a previous version". in the Synology Assistant, it shows the 6.6707 version or whatever the latest version is of DSM. RC.


Im feeling a bit at the end of my tether here now.


Isnt there a way i could simply create a new VM of 5592 with the 5592 ISO, and then simply, re-attach the 4x4TB RDM drives to the VM NAS once DSM is installed. what happens to my existing settings? and my settings from Sickbeard and SabNzb?



thanks for help!

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OK - i Found a way to get around this. (DOWNGRADE FROM offical DSM 6.0)


1. I created a brand new VM with 5664 DSM ISO, same setup as my previous VM.

2. attached the first RDM disk.

3. booted up, and it should boot directly to Install page, if it doesnt, use Synology Assistant, to do "INSTALL".

4. Install - and choose DSM 5664 PAT file, from Xpenology (200mb file)

5. On completion, you should now have a DSM working, with your existing drive, with all data still there OK.

6. I then restored my old config settings from 5592.

7. albeit i lost all my packages loaded up, and more importantly lost my Sickbeard and sannzb installs. Luckily, i took a copy of those apps/settings before it all went pear shaped....


HOWEVER, now 5664, i do not see Sickbeard up for install in Packages from the community source. aarrrggggg


so, now i will be doing the same process to get back to 5592, which i had BEFORE all this mess.

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