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Some doubts about possibilites


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hello all,

I have installed this great piece of software on a HP microserver 54NL and i am enjoying it a loot.

I have some doubts and please forgive me if they seam so newvbie...


1. Imagine I install a couple of drives for my data and (just how it happens to my NL36 last week) it has a failure and the PSU or motherboard die..., how could I get my files back?

Can I just take the discs and read some where els?

Can I just install them on another pc with xpenology and be up and running?

Imagine I want to move to a new machine but keep all discs and files is it possible?


2. I know this is not the general purpose of the xpenology but, i really would like to start a new machine with it and insert a couple o 3T discs I have and use them, the thing is that they are full with my files, and i dont need for now any raid or whatever I just would like to have a file server for home and web access. Is it possible? if so, could anyone indicate me how or what to read?


3. Just when i was testing the setup with DSM 5.2 I had the Idea to activate the time bakcup, and bang, lost the NAS it never booted upa again. Read somewhere that is was a bug and people where working on it. This scares me, what should i do in case I had there al my data? :sad:


sorry for the long questions, and thanks a lot for your help.


Many thanks,

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1) - Have a Backup :smile:


https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledg ... using_a_PC


or you can connect your disks to another compatible machine and start up


2) You cannot put existing formatted drives with data in XPE/DSM and it work. DSM will format your disks to the layout it needs. Only way to do this is backup your data, setup XPE/DSM and then copy your data onto the new volume.


3) XPE is a fantastic project but a 'hobby' project so you can expect bugs. There could be hardware or O/S problems on any system so if you are really worried about your data, back it up, to another machine, cloud or external HDD

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