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Issues after startup on some services


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I'm on DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4, and I have some issues.

Some services does not start event if I force them to start at boot. Like : HAProxy, Media indexer, transmission.

Moreover, VPN service starts, but i have to stop/start it again to make a client able to connect itself.

Same thing for Audio application, it works well, but I have to stop/start it if I want to detect the audio DAC I plugged on USB.


Do you think I should upgrade ?

Somebody has an idea to solve those problems ?


Thank you.

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- Update the USB key.

- Put my adress MAC in config file, change the entry from xpenology to install.

- Clic on Download from the configuration panel of DSM, Download -> Update.

- After reboot i change the entry in cfg file from install to xpenology.


I can see 5644, but not the update version (5).

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Go to Control Panel, Update & Restore, then into Update Settings, select 'Newest DSM and all Updates', go back, let DSM check for latest version then download and update to 'Update 5', once the server has rebooted, set update settings back to 'Important Updates Only'

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