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I have a problem mounting remote folders to access media files in Plex. See the servers involved in my sig below.


I'm trying to connect a VM running DSM and Plex on the T20 to a CIFS share on the physical DSM box. I created a shared folder on the VM and then remote mounted the share on the physical. This appears to work, but when I try to access the share in File Station it just gets stuck with a 'Loading...' prompt (I'm connecting using the admin account).


I've setup a test share on another DSM VM and I can connect to that fine (I copied a couple of MKVs there and Plex was able to find, index and play them perfectly).


When I first tried this, the physical box was running an older version of DSM, but I've now upgraded to the latest version and update and the problem persists.


I created a new share on the physical server and copied 4 or 5 MKVs there. This seemed to be working, as I could browse the files via File Station. However, as soon as I pointed Plex at it, it went crazy slow and I was unable to browse via File Station or see anything in my Plex library.


I always end-up rebooting the DSM VM to clear the remote mount. If I try to remove it via the GUI or console, it always hangs or tells me that the mount is in use.


Any ideas?

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