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Migrating disks to real Diskstation?


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I just ordered a new DS1815+ to replace my home built XPEnology box. Can I simply remove the HDDs from the XPEnology box and plug them into the Synology and migrate them over? Synology make sit sound like you can as long as the disks are plugged in in the same order they were originally. On the XPEnology my disks are 3, 9, 10, 11, and 12. If I move them to the DS1815+ and plug them in as 3=1, 9=2, 10=3, 11=4 and 12=5 will it work?


I thought I remembered seeing a post somewhere about straightening out the HDD #s in XPEnology but I can't seem to find it now.


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my experience of doing this (both ways) is that 'it works' but with some precautions

Backup everything first - data, config, packages etc!

Drive order does not seem to matter, unless you have multiple volumes or a disk group, even then DSM seems smart enough to reassemble/repair the raid

Test the DS1815+ first with a spare hdd to make sure its all ok

Once you boot the DS1815+ with your disk and run Assistant, you should get the 'migration' option web page, install DSM version for the 1815 and you should be fine

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